Escape from the Ordinary book cover (image)
Julie & Glen Bradley on their world voyage (image)

Meet Julie Bradley at these Events/Locations


January 10
JITC Book Signing
Sierra Vista, AZ

January 27
Book Signing
San Carlos Yacht Club
Sonora, Mexico

March 2
Author’s Pavilion Tucson Festival of Books
U of A Campus
Tucson, AZ

April 12
Pinetop Library Book Group
Pinetop-Lakdeside Library
Pinetop, AZ

April 16
Sun Lakes Book Group Dinner
Sun Lakes, AZ

June 3 11:00 AM
Talk and Book Signing Dinner
Payson Chaparral Pines Community Center
Payson, AZ

June 9 3:00 PM
Talk and Book Signing
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum
133 Mabel Drive, Madisonville, Louisiana

June 11 12:00AM
Talk and Book Signing Luncheon
Bay St Louis Community Center
Bay St Louis, MO

June 21 2:30-4:00PM
Author Panel and Book Signing
Pinetop-Lakeside Library
Pinetop, AZ