Escape from the Ordinary book cover (image)
Julie & Glen Bradley on their world voyage (image)

Meet Julie Bradley at these Events/Locations


May 7 12:30 PM
MLB Lunch and Talk
Oro Valley Country Club
Oro Valley, AZ

Feb 25 2:30 PM
Talk and Book Signing
Apache Junction Public Library
Apache Junction, AZ

Feb 18
Avid Reader Book Club
St Anthony’s Episcopal Church
Phoenix, Az


January 10
JITC Book Signing
Sierra Vista, AZ

January 27
Book Signing
San Carlos Yacht Club
Sonora, Mexico

March 2
Author’s Pavilion Tucson Festival of Books
U of A Campus
Tucson, AZ

April 12
Pinetop Library Book Group
Pinetop-Lakdeside Library
Pinetop, AZ

April 16
Sun Lakes Book Group Dinner
Sun Lakes, AZ

June 3 11:00 AM
Talk and Book Signing Dinner
Payson Chaparral Pines Community Center
Payson, AZ

June 9 3:00 PM
Talk and Book Signing
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum
133 Mabel Drive, Madisonville, Louisiana

June 11 12:00AM
Talk and Book Signing Luncheon
Bay St Louis Community Center
Bay St Louis, MO

June 21 2:30-4:00PM
Author Panel and Book Signing
Pinetop-Lakeside Library
Pinetop, AZ

Nov 13 10:00-noon
Talk and Book Signing
Hancock County Library
Kiln, Ms

Nov 14 6:30 PM Dinner 7:30 PM Talk
Dinner and Talk
Tammany Yacht Club
Sidell, La

Dec 9 9:30 AM
Book Club Talk and Book Signing
San Carlos Yacht Club
San Carlos, Mexico

Dec 21 6:00 PM
Speaking Presentation
San Carlos Yacht Club
San Carlos, Mexico