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Disaster Response

Welcome! When Glen and I finished our voyage we felt a strong desire to perform some type of humanitarian service. In Crossing Pirate Waters, you read about how Hurricane Katrina cut short our post-circumnavigation cruising, and we helped my family whose homes near the eye of the storm were destroyed by 21 feet of flood surge. We were so impressed by the work of the Red Cross we decided to volunteer our skills to assist in National and International Disaster Response. Here are accounts of what it is like to travel to world disaster sites with the Red Cross and the challenging, nitty-gritty work of making a difference. This may be something you want to consider yourself.

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World Voyaging

Our sailing adventures took us to 63 countries spanning more than seven years. It would have required several heavy tomes to include all the memorable events and places in my two books, but you can read more of our travels in these articles. I will add additional dispatches from my log once Crossing Pirate Waters is published, so check back.

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Adventure Travel

Amel builds such great boats, we had three couples standing on the dock vying to buy It’s Enough when we decided to sell her and try living in the mountains. We still miss our Super Maramu—she was a great boat. We had taken care of each other, and she was still shiny and ready to go around the world again. Nonetheless, our adventures continued, and you can read about how we are still seeking authentic, through-the-back-door experiences all over the world.

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My Life

We made many friends in our travels, and we keep up with them through my writing. I now invite readers to join Glen and me as friends, with these updates on what life is like for us post voyaging. Here you will find stories about outdoor explorations and connecting with nature close to our cabin home on the Mogollon Rim of Arizona’s White Mountain.